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“Your bathroom should be a place in which you can relax and feel at peace”

In a lot of homes, it seems that the original designers squeezed the bathroom into the smallest possible space – as if they considered it a necessary evil.

Very often the bathroom can be the coldest and bleakest room in the home – especially in the depths of winter. With a little thought and a minimal cash outlay, you can transform any bathroom into the comfortable room it should be… You may be lucky enough to be designing a new home, an extension to include a bathroom or (yes, even in this day and age) upgrading a property which has never had the proper facilities. Any of these allow you to greatly influence the size and layout of the bathroom in your home.

Even if you are remodelling an existing bathroom and are restricted to the physical size of the room, you may be able to work wonders. If you are replacing the bathroom suite, you do not need to install the new suite in the same position as the original.

You do not even need to use the same room and you can always add or remove walls, doors and windows. You can design the grand bathroom you dream about – but its actual installation will depend upon how much money and inconvenience you are willing to tolerate.

Why use Dillon’s Bathrooms?

We pride ourselves in taking our clients through these stages step by step, in an easy to understand process.
This helps us create a bathroom that you will be delighted with.

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